Brushless DC Motor Control Principle

    Brushless DC motor control principle, to make the motor turn up, the first control unit must be in accordance with hall-sensor sensitive to the location of the rotor and the stator winding in accordance with the decision to open (or closed) converter (inverter) in power the order of the transistor, inverter in the AH, BH, CH (these are called the upper arm power transistors) and AL, BL, CL (these are called the lower arm power transistor) so that the current flowing through the motor coils sequentially forward (or reverse ) rotating magnetic field, and the interaction between the rotor magnet, so you can make the motor clockwise / counterclockwise rotation. When the rotor rotates hall-sensor sensing the position of the other set of signals to the control unit again to open the next set of power transistors, and so the motor can be rotated in the same direction continues until the control unit decides to turn off the power to stop the rotor transistor (or just open the lower arm power transistor); contrary to reverse the rotor power transistor turn-on sequence. Basically power transistor open method can be illustrated as follows: AH, BL group → AH, CL group → BH, CL group → BH, AL group → CH, AL group → CH, BL group, but never open into AH, AL or BH, BL or CH, CL. Also because the electronic components are always the response time of the switch, the power transistor off response time to part time apart staggered into account, or when the upper arm (or lower arm) has not been completely closed, the lower arm (or upper arm) had open, the result is the upper and lower arm short circuit leaving the power transistor burned. When the motor is turning up, the control unit will again be the hall-sensor signal changes speed according to the command drive set speed and acceleration / deceleration rate composed (Command) match (or by software operation) again is determined by the next group ( AH, BL, or AH, CL, or BH, CL or ......) switch is turned on, and turned on the length of time. Then open long enough speed, speed overshoot is cut short, this part of the work is done by the PWM. PWM is to determine the motor speed faster or slower manner, how to generate such PWM core is to achieve the more precise speed control. High-speed velocity control system must take into account the CLOCK resolution is sufficient to master the software instruction time, in addition to the hall-sensor signal changes also affect the way data access processor performance and judgment accuracy, timeliness. As for the low-speed low-speed control, especially since the start hall-sensor signal changes back pass more slowly, the way how to capture the signal processing timing and properly configured according to the motor characteristic control parameter values is very important. Or return rate changed to change the reference encoder, the signal resolution is increased in order to get better control. The motor can run smoothly and respond well, P.I.D. Control is appropriate or not can not be ignored. Previously mentioned brushless DC motor is a closed-loop control, so the feedback signal would be tantamount to telling the control unit the motor speed from the target speed is much worse, this is the error (Error). Error compensation would naturally know, the traditional way of engineering controls such as P.I.D. control. But the state and the environmental control is actually complex, the factors to control rugged will have to consider the traditional engineering control is probably not able to fully grasp, so fuzzy control, expert systems and neural networks will also be incorporated to become intelligent important theoretical PID control.

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