Shandong Province Science and Technology Department Director Cui visited our company guidance

   January 23, 2010 in Shandong Province Science and Technology Department Director Cui leadership in high-tech zones escorted visited our company guidance. Wang received the company and on the company's research and development made a report.

    Cui Minister visited the company product exhibition hall, workshops and other details were briefed on the company's core technology, the company engineering and technical center, the company's development planning and debriefing. Cui director of the company attaches great importance to research and development, innovation and fully affirmed.

    July 31, 2015, Shandong Depuda Electric Co., Ltd. in the country SME share transfer system formally. The successful listing marks have Puda Motor has taken a substantial leap-step to the capital markets, and laid a solid foundation for the company to develop faster and better.

    Puda Motor Company was mainly engaged in electric vehicle drive development, production and sale of electrical products, and its products are widely used in small electric vehicles and other fields. The company has made compulsory certification National Car Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. In 2010 the company set up a "micro Zibo West - have Puda Motor Institute," 2012 in Zibo City Science and Technology Bureau identified as "short-distance pure electric passenger vehicles in Zibo City Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center", research and production in the motor go the forefront of the industry, the development of electric vehicles, multi-purpose motor through the results of identification of the products in Shandong Province Science and Technology Department, the leading domestic level, eight involved in the development of national standards and industry standards.