DC Categories

DC generator

DC generator is mechanical energy into direct current energy. It is mainly used as a DC motor, electrolysis, electroplating, electric smelting, and charging alternator excitation power supply required DC motors. While in DC need a place, but also with the power rectifier element to convert alternating current into direct current, but some of the work in terms of performance, the rectified AC power can not completely replace the DC generator.

DC motors

The DC electrical energy into mechanical energy of the rotating device. Motor stator providing a magnetic field, DC power supply current to the rotor windings, the commutator rotor current and the magnetic field generated by the torque maintaining the same orientation.

Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC motor is optimized and low-cost in recent years with the development of microprocessor technology and high switching frequency, low-power application of new power electronic devices, and a control method appeared high energy level and a permanent magnet material developed a new type of DC motor.

Brushless DC motor while maintaining the traditional DC motor has good speed performance with no sliding contact and commutation spark, high reliability, long life and low noise advantages, which in aerospace, CNC machine tools, robotics, electric vehicles , computer peripherals and household appliances, etc. have been widely used.

According to different power supply, the brushless DC motor can be divided into two categories: square wave brushless DC motor, back EMF and the supply current waveform is a rectangular wave, also known as the rectangular wave permanent magnet synchronous motor; No sine wave brush DC motor back EMF and current waveforms are sinusoidal supply.

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