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      • No.:242ZD706H15
      • Brand :Depuda

      DC brush motorsModel242ZD706H15Rated power7KWRated speed2800rRated torque23.8N.mRated voltage72VCurrent Rating108AOverload multiples5.5Starting torque4.5Maximum speed4000rBe applicableFor small passen

      1. Detailed information
      DC brush motors
      Model 242ZD706H15
      Rated power 7KW Rated speed 2800r Rated torque 23.8N.m
      Rated voltage 72V Current Rating 108A Overload multiples 5.5
      Starting torque 4.5 Maximum speed 4000r

      Be applicable For small passenger cars
      Explanation According to the need to design a rated voltage range: 72-96V, rated speed range: 2500r-4000r / min